Next Millennium Telecom Co.


Nextel offers the most complete telecom product portfolio, covering mobile, broadband, core network, transmission network, data communication, and value-added services at high quality, excellent service, low operating costs and high customer priority.

Information Technology

Information Technology Services (ITS) division of Nextel offers wide range of technology infrastructure management services that enable our customers reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) by implementing state of the art, well proven support infrastructure based on best technology and industry practices.

Security Systems

The product range contains the physical protection against accidents and terrorist attacks (brute force, bullets, and explosives, chemical, biological and nuclear hazards) up to eavesdropping protection of conference rooms and electronically installations, data centers and infrastructure.





نبذة عن تاريخ الشركة
نكستيل (الألفية القادمة للاتصالات) Next…

تصنيف جديد لشركة الالفية القادمة للاتصالات

استمرار لتميز شركة الالفية القادمة للاتصالات في تحقيق النجاحا…

Eid Al Adha Holiday

Wishing all of you happy Eid
We would like to inform you  that the official Eid –UL-Adha  holiday start on Tue…

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