Next Millennium Telecom Co.

The Rebalancing and Rehoming activities can be summarized but not restricted to the following:

Perform end-to-end testing of E1s as defined in the Rebalancing and Rehoming CWOs

Verify ADM and/or ISM DDF terminations as assigned in the related CWOs

Perform E1 hunting and CWO verification as needed prior to any actual field and/or NMS integration of BTS Rebalancing and Rehoming

Take corrective measures if the CWO is not implemented as designed

Update the CWO according to the As-Built if discrepancies were found between the design and the actual implementation of the CWO. This is to happen in consultation with the proper STC departments

Provide materials and labor for cabling from the BSC to the ADM DDF

Provide materials and labor for cabling from the ADM DDF to the BTS and interim MW/BTS sites if applicable

Implementation of the Abis assignment on the BSCs

Implementation of the Abis E1’s cascading or de-cascading as designed in the BSS engineering plans

Provide materials and labor for re-cabling and reconnecting the Abis from one BSC ADM DDF to another