Next Millennium Telecom Co.

Telecoms operators and media companies are continually looking to launch new services and propositions in an increasingly competitive marketplace. End users are demanding more services from their suppliers at a lower cost, which raises telecoms operators need to gain more insight into their customers emphasizing the need for efficient customers relationship management and flexible integrated systems.

Delivering services in a convergent broadband environment requires greater investment from operators and content providers bearing in mind that emerging technologies and new market entrants provide both opportunities and threats for existing players.

Our capabilities :

  •  End user portals and convergent service platforms.
  • Content management systems.
  • Customer relations and customer intelligence management.
  • Billing systems and MVNO hosted service offerings.
  • Service provision, assurance and network inventory management.
  • Telecoms and Media specific testing, application management services and software as a service.
  •  Innovative partnership models including sell-with propositions.