Next Millennium Telecom Co.

Efficiently building new, fully deployed Telecom networks or expanding an existing one requires deep insight into all aspects of network rollout and integration. Based on best practice, Nextel can power a network, delivering 2G, 2.5G, 3G and beyond networks utilizing the best of local, in-house capabilities, subcontractors and central resources, resulting in a very high degree of quality. Network rollout and integration services are available to Networks Operators and Venders across Saudi Arabia .

Employing its extensive experienced professional, Nextel can tailor its services offering to meet customer needs and create more customer value, for the full range of network deployment and integration which include:

•  Site survey and Acquisition
•  Site design and Deployment
•  Site Construction
•  Equipments deployment and Integration.
•  Testing and commissioning
•  Acceptance and Quality management.

Relaying on Nextel’s excellent project & logistics management, efficient utilization of internal & external sources, network can be launched rapidly and network operator can realize fast time-to-market deployment at low cost and high quality. The service is available for all Fixed and wireless product lines that include: Core Network, Access Network Broadband Access , and transport network.