Next Millennium Telecom Co.

For Telecom Operators, building or evolving network infrastructure is a critical component of offering innovative services, reducing customer churn and increase average revenue per subscriber (ARPU). Moreover, increased complexity of hardware, applications, services and operations and billing systems has created a need for reliable partners who can deliver deep domain expertise, cost-effective resources, and well proven processes for network planning and design of new infrastructure. With advanced tools, Nextel provides the expertise you need to meet your embedded network planning and design goals. Our planning and design services cover Core network, Wireless network and Data network.

The size and complexity of today’s Telecom networks is continuously growing, and with it the cost of planning these networks. Network planning has to reach a delicate balance between cost, network performance, and up-time of business critical services. To successfully master this task, Nextel experts enable Telecom operators and vendors to develop complex networks with superior planning that leads to low cost and high performance. Nextel offers its planning services across the entire span of all telecom networks elements.

Complementing to its planning service, Nextel offers network design for board-level design, special systems packaging, and custom design. With its in-depth knowledge and consultative approach, Nextel can accelerate time to market, reduce risk, and lower deployment lifecycle costs, by providing robust, highly-differentiated network design. This includes the following:

•  Network Low-level design
•  Network High-level design
•  Network deployment design