Next Millennium Telecom Co.

As time passing and by introducing new equipment to networks, operators need to run their networks at full efficiency with a minimal amount of maintenance to maximize the return on OpEx. To achieve this goal, Nextel is able to review customers requirements in order to measure performance and optimize their operating networks. Services include network audits, QoS analysis, benchmarking, legacy network thinning, transport network optimization, radio network optimization, and application. Network performance and Optimization is an ongoing activity for all networks, thus Nextel is ready to provide its services at any acceptable operational and business models. Our goal is to create value through engineering change and ensure sustainable changes., helping our customers in the evolution from a reactive to a proactive approach, anticipating problems before they happen, therefore reducing cost and improving quality.

Nextel Performance and optimization team focus on improving both the economic and technical efficiency of telecom networks.  By leveraging its experience in analyzing every type of network possible, Nextel develops the optimization process based on deep expertise, independent tools, and specially-made measurements. This involves:

  1. Determine the customers requirements.
  2. Selection and installation and measurement tools.
  3. Obtaining and analyzing the necessary data.
  4. Producing a Detail network and Audit report.
  5. Fine tuning and optimizing the network.