Next Millennium Telecom Co.

Nextel will always do Performance Measurement to regularly assess the results produced.

Nextel will always make sure of Identifying processes, systems and outcomes that are integral to the performance of the service delivery to end user.

Selecting indicators of these processes and delivery performance and analyze information related to these indicators on a regular basis.

Continuous Quality Improvement involves taking action as needed based on the results of the data analysis and performance

Nextel Measurement and assessment involves:

•  Selection of a process or outcome to be measured, on a priority basis .

•  Identification and/or development of performance indicators for the selected process or outcome to be measured .

•  Aggregating data so that it is summarized and quantified to measure a process or outcome

•  Assessment of performance with regard to these indicators at planned and regular intervals

•  Taking action to address performance discrepancies when indicators indicate that a process is not stable is not performing at an expected level or represents an opportunity for quality improvement .

•  Reporting within the organization on findings, conclusions and actions taken as a result of performance assessment.