Next Millennium Telecom Co.

Nextel has an excellent Health and Safety record . Our excellent record is maintained by successfully assigning and implementing the responsibility for Health and Safety at all levels throughout our organization.

Company Obligations:

Nextel will conduct its operations with full regard to the responsibilities placed upon it by the Health and Safety Legislation. The Health and Safety of our personnel and those affected by their activities is an important objective of AMSSC Est. Company Policy.

Nextel recognizes its obligations to provide sufficient information, training and advice to all of its employees, consultants and contractors.

Staff Responsibilities:

In carrying out these obligations Nextel stresses the role that staff has to play in helping to endure the safety of Nextel operations and reporting potentially dangerous situations.

Managers are to take all reasonable, practical steps to prevent accidents and to ensure the safe design, construction, operation and maintenance of plant, equipment and building .

Equally, it is the duty of each individual to take all reasonable precautions to avoid injury to themselves and those affected by them .

Hazardous conditions or potentially dangerous equipment must be accorded a high priority in practical and financial terms, and therefore rectified promptly.