Next Millennium Telecom Co.
  • Establish the network infrastructure (IT Infrastructure) of the Computer Department through the provision of computer hardware, accessories, scanners and printers, through our senior technical computer manufacturers such as Dell, HP, Xerox, Fujitsu.
  • Provision of storage devices and data archiving and management of the network and through the provision of servers to the main cabins (Blade servers) and the central storage devices (Centralization storages) and through our partners with Dell, EMC.
  • Provide networking services local and wide through the provision of main and sub-distributors and clients and distributors for earlier pregnancies and the lines over the Internet, data and web server accelerator, through our worlds, such as Cisco, Juniper, Huawei Symantec.
  •  The provision and delivery points of Computer by cable network UTP and fiber optic cables
  • Establish requirements and provide the main information center and the reserve for computer high-tech according to international standards. Of the construction work. Provide support systems for data centers, such as: (UPS & Batteries, Electro-Mechanical sys, Security Sys, Fire Alarm, Water deduction, temperature humidity recording, access control, Gas Extinguishing, Air Conditioning System, Raised Floor System)
  • ontribute to the management of data centers run (DC) through the provision of staff for the realization of a trained technician to monitor the performance of the Center. And provide maintenance services for all levels and the provision of appropriate spare parts