Next Millennium Telecom Co.

With the future of networks squarely pointed at Wireless, NEXTEL helps its customers design and deploy rugged point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, and WI-FI networks. Nextel’s combination of carrier class IP experience, wireless networking skills, and security expertise brings highly reliable and secure wireless communication solutions to their clients. From isolated and inaccessible villages to congest and challenging urban environments, NEXTEL designs the solutions that make it all possible – a powerful combination of wireless broadband and scalable wireless communications systems.

Nextel understand the obstacles these communities have with availability of communications services and connectivity, that why we are now dealing with vendors who developed a Rugged Wireless Communication Solution (RWCS) to help overcome them.  NEXTEL ‘s RWCS consists of a family of wireless bridges and routers, including Short Range Radios, Long Range Radios and Routers, enabling Internet connectivity to users in remote sites. Some of our solutions are:

Indoor Wireless: includes the following features:

  • Highly secured and managed wireless LAN solutions that make use of wireless links for connecting end-user desktops and notebooks to the core IT network.
  • Standards based Wireless connectivity for mobile and static users.
  • Open standards allowing integration with existing and upcoming IT resources.
  • Fast implementations covering large areas securely.
  • Highly secure with Encryption, Firewall and Tunnel services for mobile users.
  • Easily integrates with existing Enterprise access, authentication and security services.
  • Provides built-in management applications for administering in small sites.
  • Supports multiple management interfaces for smoother integration with Centralized-Management resources in corporate networks

Outdoor Wireless: comes with the following features:

  • Point-to-point & point-to-multipoint broadband wireless connectivity between locations up to 75 km* apart
  • Data transfer rates of up to 100 Mbps* operating in both licensed and unlicensed frequency bands.
  • Data Applications
  • Metropolitan Backhaul links for ISPs, MSOs and other service providers.
  • ISP Internet and VSAT bandwidth distribution.
  • Group of offices/stores connections and corporate enterprise applications.
  • Mobile project offices.
  • Video Applications
  • Compound monitoring
  • Traffic and police check points monitoring and control
  • Remote monitoring for factories and chemical plants where access is difficult

Hot Zone Solution: convert a complete zone into wireless with the following features:

  • Allows Service Providers, Public Area owners and others to offer mobile Internet connectivity for their clients in public and private areas
  • Hot Zone solution can also be implemented to support Wireless/Mobile clients in existing wired Public Internet Access areas. These services can be provided for free or on charged basis. Both pre-paid and on-demand charging models are supported
  • Support for a wide variety of Clients, WiFi adapters, Operating Systems etcetera
  • Only authorized users are allowed to connect with the minimum hassle and traverse the Internet. All unauthorized connections are totally blocked
  • Advanced and Flexible accounting features to track usage and billing
  • Highly customizable to support Service Provider policies and procedures
  • Supports multiple management interfaces for smoother and secure integration with backend Management resources in Service Provider networks.