Next Millennium Telecom Co.

With storage lifecycle policies, the user is able to define and manage unique groupings (called data classifications) of backup data. We work with our premium partner, Huawei Symantec , to provide class-A storage management services that covers:
The Hardware platform

•  Tiered storage

Backup images from each data classification are associated with different storage lifecycle policies to uniquely control where and for how long images will be stored in a tiered backup storage infrastructure (e.g., fast disk, space-optimized disk, VTL and tape).

•  Automatic migrate

Storage lifecycle policies manage the retention of backup data within NetBackup, and automate its movement through various storage tiers (i.e. from disk to tape, multiple copies, offsite & onsite, etc.)

•  Intelligent disk pool

Our solution can better manage a large, shared pool of disk, optimizing the usage of the space based upon the importance of data, and ensuring that the disk doesn’t become fragmented.

In addition to Storage management, N extel provides a sophisticated NetBackup operation manger with illustrative Dashboard Based on Hauwei Symantec technology. It can be integrated into any existing backup & recovery solution to give real-time job-level monitoring & control across the whole backup/recovery environment.

NetBackup completely automates the backup and recovery process with a single catalog, single policy engine, single set of agents, and single management approach that allows customers to apply new solutions (like duplication and CDP) into an existing NetBackup environment without any architecture changes. This implies:

  • Reduced disk cost: better utilization through intelligent allocation
  • Faster backup / restore: backups are kept on a single volume when possible
  • Higher reliability: avoids “disk full” conditions by better managing disk pool
  • Tiered storage: ensures that most important backups remain on disk longer