Next Millennium Telecom Co.

Nextel has established partnerships for the provision and support of equipment. This is a distinct advantage in ensuring the best possible pricing and full life support of the equipments that our clients are looking for.

Nextel Contract Management staffs ensure that the primary task of all parties to the agreement is the management of project deliverables in accordance with the agreed contractual terms and conditions, hence minimising the commercial risk for the client. The meticulous management of all contracts within the project ensures a seamless delivery of projects worldwide.

On the other hand, Material Procurement and Logistics are most critical to the success of a project and this activity forms an integral part of the roles and responsibilities of the Nextel Project Manager. Nextel has developed close relationships with a range of suppliers and has in place proven methods and systems for material procurement. The Project Manager will ensure that these are utilised for the purpose of this project to ensure timely delivery of material for the project so that no delays are encountered to adversely affect the scheduled completion of works .

Our objective is to enhance the commercial performance of our clients, through Nextel’s Contact Management & Material Procurement services . We have experienc e of working in a broad range of sectors, and for both large and smaller companies. We enhance clients’ profitability by improving the management of their purchased goods and services. This is achieved through a unique combination of a team of outstanding contracts & procurement professionals with:

•  high-level procurement & contracts expertise
•  experience in a wide range of industries
•  experience of a broad range of supply markets
•  tried and tested methodologies
•  innovative thinking and approaches