Next Millennium Telecom Co.

IT & Telecommunication projects are unique and have progressive elaboration characteristic. Nextel has created Project services division to support Nextel’s projects; however, they are also available for independent implementation, on or off customer’s premises to provide a comprehensive project function.

Nextel has developed the project management services for IT & Telecommunication, as the key process to develop a comprehensive project management plan for delivering quality solutions matching customer needs within scope, on time and within budget.

This process, which recognises the various phases in the life cycle of a product or project, requires the same set of key quality management processes be applied at each phase.

By adopting this approach to project management, we ensure that all relevant functions are consulted and that functional specialists provide the necessary inputs at the relevant stage for the success of IT & Telecommunication project.

The framework of our Project Management and Delivery Systems incorporates the following elements:

•  Develop Project Management Plan
•  Create WBS (Work breakdown structure)
•  Schedule Development
•  Cost Estimating, budgeting and control
•  Human Resource Planning
•  Quality Planning, Assurance & Control
•  Risk Management Planning & Identification
•  Plan Purchases, Contracting, & Acquisitions
•  Information Distribution
•  Monitor & Control Project Work
•  Integrated Change Control
•  Manage stakeholders
•  Contract Administration