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Building Management System (BMS) is a computer -based control system installed in buildings that controls and monitors the building’s mechanical and electrical equipment such asventilation lighting power systems , fire systems, and security systems . A BMS consists of software and hardware; the software program, usually configured in a hierarchical manner

Functions of Building Management Systems

To create a central computer controlled method which has three basic functions:

  • controlling
  • monitoring
  • optimizing

A BMS system normally comprises

Benefits of BMS

•  Building tenant/occupants

  • Good control of internal comfort conditions
  • Possibility of individual room control
  • Increased staff productivity
  • Effective monitoring and targeting of energy consumption
  • Improved plant reliability and life
  • Effective response to HVAC -related complaints

•  Building owner

  • Higher rental value
  • Flexibility on change of building use
  • Individual tenant billing for services facilities manager
  • Central or remote control and monitoring of building
  • Increased level of comfort and time saving

•  Operations

  • Low operating cost
  • Efficient use of building resources and services
  • High productivity
  • Rapid alarm indication and fault diagnosis
  • Good plant schematics and documentation

•  Maintenance Companies

  • Ease of information availability problem diagnostics.
  • Computerized maintenance scheduling
  • Effective use of maintenance staff
  • Early detection of problems