Next Millennium Telecom Co.

Physical Building Security Doors & Gates, Electronic Access Control systems

We are in this area to create and equip conference rooms and offices which were the important nature areas to become completely secure against eavesdropping, espionage and the transfer of signal and electrical waves, magnetism and electromagnetism from or into the rooms, fitted, whatever the type or strength of the emission wavelength. The technique used is one of the advanced German technologies and the introduction of the company (EM Screen) the world leader in this area.

Building management solutions

Integrated Alarm Management Systems Smart Building Technology, is a non-proprietary software to integrate, visualize and control systems in the field of security technology, communication technology and building service.

This provides a system-independent presentation, monitoring and control of the connected systems.


  • Security control center
  • Video manager
  • Security guard control
  • Retrieval system
  • Building services engineering
  • Gateways
  • Interfaces