Next Millennium Telecom Co.


To be competitive, mobility solutions providers must quickly roll out consumer-friendly products that give users access to data at any time and in virtually any place they want it. Nextel understands these providers’ unique challenges. From user interfaces and middleware to mobile platforms and devices, we help OEM manufacturers, service providers, and content providers meet the evolving needs of customers in today’s fast- changing telecom needs.

Deregulation, competition, and mergers and acquisitions have created both opportunities and challenges for the telecom and internet service provider communities. While market evolution has expanded the opportunities to generate revenue, new services demand new delivery mechanisms ranging from infrastructure and environment to business support systems (BSS) and operations support systems(OSS)


The diversity of today’s telecommunications industry and the disturbance of new technologies require expertise and excellence, particularly in leading-edge technologies. The current advancement in wire line and wireless technologies has entirely changed the face of today telecommunications marketplace. Since its inception, Nextel prides itself in being a significant participant in the latest and most advanced Telecom technologies.

Nextel offers the most complete telecom product portfolio, covering mobile, broadband, core network, transmission network, data communication, and value-added services at high quality, excellent service, low operating costs and high customer priority.


Based on our thorough understanding of the challenging and rapidly changing market requirements; Nextel provides the following integrated solution:

  • Network Planning & Design
  • Supply and installation of various parts of the network (Network Rollout & Implementation).
  • Contribute to the management network operation centers (Network Operation) through the provision of staff trained technician to monitor the realization of the network performance.
  • Maintenance of networks and systems (Network Maintenance) for the first level (FLM) and the second level (SLM) and the third level (TLM), through the abuse of carrying out maintenance and repair of the field or through cooperation with suppliers of systems and reform centers for specialized foreign.
  • Spare Parts Management (SPM-Spare Parts Management) to provide the necessary spare parts distribution and repair of the (Replace & Repair).
  • Improve and develop the network (Network Performance Enhancement & Optimization) through the experiences and possibilities of local or Nextel in cooperation with our international partners.