Next Millennium Telecom Co.
About the company

NEXT Millennium Telecom ( NEXTEL ) is part of Althiayb group; one of the leading and premier Telecom and Information Technology Companies recognized by highly Professional Managers, Engineers, Technologist and Business Entrepreneurs who have extensive experience both in the industry and in the target markets.

Nextel is one of the leading and premier IT and Telecom Company in Saudi Arabia established by the professionally high profile team consisting of Engineers, Technologist and Business entrepreneurs who have decades of working experience in Telecommunication and IT fields with an aim to provide cost effective and cutting edge technology Solutions to our value customers.

We are proud to announce that, within a short span of its establishment, capture good  market share in IT and Telecom sector and become a leader which itself is the reward for our dedicated and professional achievements and goals.  Our quality work itself defines a new horizon with un-limited business opportunities and exceeding customer’s expectations and optimizing productivity and profitability .

We provide a comprehensive range of end-to-end solutions and professional services that meet the rapidly evolving IT and telecom industry. Leveraging our affiliation & partnership with major players in IT & Telecom, NEXTEL addresses the full spectrum of IT infrastructure and telecom network requirements across multiple vertical markets.

NEXTEL is always, aggressive to introduce new technological innovative wide range of high degree products and services in the market to give a mass awareness and its applications.NEXTEL innovative Business Solutions help integrate and automate its clients’ Business Processes, thereby, reducing the complexity and providing the client better management and business tools to make better informed decisions.



• To provide quality & professional business solution to our customers.

• To provide best and competitive pricing compared to other competitors.

• To have keen observation over products & technology to move with the trend.

• To make our customers more comfortable and loyal to the product services .


• 100% Customer satisfaction by delivering high degree of quality Products & Services

• One of the top to 10 Telecom & IT and Service Provider in Middle East by 2010



Nextel is motivated to achieve the highest level of quality in our Core Business, by satisfying our customers through our dedication to performance, value, innovation and expertise.