Next Millennium Telecom Co.


Pio-Tech is known as an innovation hub that provides most effective and creative banking solutions, which serve digital transformation and business acceleration across the Middle East and the African Continent.

Pio-Tech was established in 2003, with a small, dynamically motivated team of seven who were set to shape and inspire the Jordanian tech scope, fuelled by far-reaching ambitions regionally and internationally.

The founding stones of working with sheer integrity paved the way for trustful ties with valuable clients, hence granting the company a firm, exclusive stand as a market leader in its field.

The company’s swift climb in the market was powered by forming strategic alliances with international companies in relative industries such as system integration and business solutions, eventually circulating Pio-Tech’s specialized services across the region.

At Pio-Tech, we have combined years of extensive banking experience along with solid knowledge of related modern technologies to bring real observable differences to local and global financial markets, by providing banks with crystal-clear vision around potential opportunities as well as possible threats, which enhancing decision-making process and leading to assets safeguarding, business prosperity and, sustainable growth.

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